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Shrek is a self-proclaimed terrifying ogre, from the computer-animated Shrek films. He is seen as large, predominantly green and physically intimidating. Shrek is also rather antisocial, initially preferring to live on his own in a little shack in the swamp. He is more of a peace-loving ogre than a hostile one, seeing as he prefers solitude in his home. Shrek also has a flatulence problem, but sometimes uses it to his advantage. He has also compared ogres like himself to onions, and admits to cooking a “mean weed rat stew.” He is usually dressed in an alligator skin vest and extra-large leather shoes.

Shrek became more of a recluse because people judged him and didn’t respect his privacy. He put up signs around his home to keep people away. However, his green and murky swamp was invaded by the other fairytale creatures who have been evicted from their own homes. Reclaiming his territory was the primary reason why he set out to rescue the Princess Fiona, who he ended up falling in love with. Along the way, Shrek formed a friendship with the ever-talkative Donkey, as well as the charming but dangerous Puss in Boots in Shrek 2. In the first film, Shrek travels to Duloc to join a tournament to rescue Fiona. After an aggressive encounter with the antagonist Lord Farquaad, Shrek and Fiona gt married.

After their honeymoon, Shrek and Fiona move to her home in Far Far Away. In the sequel Shrek 2, Shrek meets Fiona’s parents. The two of them were set to take on their rightful positions as King and Queen in Shrek the Third. Shrek refuses to be king, claiming that ogres are not fit for it. He eventually goes on a quest to look for another heir, Artie.

Shrek has been voiced by the British Canadian actor, Mike Myers, on all the Shrek films. The video game version casts voice actor Michael Gough.

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